Friday, 9 September 2016

5 Best CPM ad networks with High rates

With the time,CTR of ads is quickly going down.Primarily due to awareness in people regarding ads.An typical blogger with decent website is achieving CTR of 1-3% which means very low earning.There is no doubt that Adsense and are kings but yet low CTR does not let webmasters to get good ROI (return of investment).
The solution to this is CPM ad networks which pay for every visit and every impression.

CPM ads for publishers

CPM stands for cost per thousand impression.I actually considered it CPM to mean cost per million but it's wrong.
CPMA 2$ CPM means that advertising company will pay you 2$ for every 1000 impression so if you have a million impression then you will get 2000$ which is a huge amount.
CPM ad networks usually have following ad types:

CPM banner ads:

Who is unfamiliar with banner ads.The ads of washing powders,shampoos or fizzy drinks for their banner impression because they don't need a online purchase or click.This is very same as what happens in TV commercials.

Other types of CPM ads:

  • Pop up
  • Pop under
The above two ad types are most popular.
  • In text ads (like Infolinks,ads which appear as link on text in our posts.When user will hover on links,related ad will be displayed in a small box

High paying CPM networks:

The list is based upon ease of approval,number of users and positive experience.


Majority knows it but certainly it's the best ad network to be used with Adsense or Bing ads.
The best features of Infolinks are:
  • CPM is really high for USA and European traffic.
  • Minimum threshold is 50$.
  • Payment is made through PayPal,Payoneer, ACH and eCheck.
  • They accept Payoneer card with no transfer fee.If Infolinks sends 50$ then you will get exact 50$ with no deduction at all.
  • Payments are given after 45 days of the month you reached minimum threshold.
  • Works best with Adsense.
  • You can put payment on hold also.
  • CPM for Indian and Pakistani traffic is better than any other network.(Though not outstanding).
  • You can earn 10% commission for referring friends.
  • Easy to get approved.
Infolinks have following ad types:
  • in text
  • in screen
  • in fold
  • in tag
  • in article (ads between two articles)
  • in frame
(Soon,I will try to write a complete review on Infolinks with explanation of ad types and their benefits and harms.)
My earning with subcontinent traffic.
Infolinks earning
Infolinks earning with Asian traffic
The eCPM is still not bad but if you have US or European traffic then Infolinks will be among top revenue generators for your website.


Surely,Revenuehits pays more than infolinks but they show popups and pop-unders.If you want your site to look clean,then Infolinks should be your choice but if you want money then go for Revenuehits.They have:
  • Awesome rates for US traffic.
  • 100% fill rates all over the world.(Ads will never be vacant).
  • Israeli based company came into existence in 2008.
  • 5% referral commission program.
  • Payments are made on NET-30 basis.
  • Supports Payapal,Payoneer and wire transfer.
  • Revenuehits pays all payment charges same as Infolinks

Join Revenuehits now


Edomz is a CPM network started in 2005.It pays and is legit.
  • Minimum payout is 10$.
  • Website is approved manually but it's not very difficult step.
  • Payments are made through Paypal.
  • Payments are given on NET-45 basis.
  • Along with CPM,Edomz also offer pop-under but you need to create a separate account for that.
  • Pop-up payment is NET-15.
  • Edomz offer 10% referral commission for CPM network.


PropellerAds is also a good competing ad network with 100$ as minimum payment.
What I have analysed is that huge traffic sites use these ads.You will often see these ads with free movies or games sites and they achieve 100$ mark easily.
PropellerAds offers

  • They provide overall 650 million ad impressions daily with over 100k websites in their network.
  • They offer Mobile and Web ads.
  • They also support in-stream ads for videos monetization.
  • They also support Payoneer along with Paypal.
  • They also have 100% fill rate globally.
  • Ads are safe.

  • They are legit.
  • 100$ is minimum payout.
  • 5% referral commission.
  • They share 80% revenue which is highest in market.
propellerADs stats 


This network is for those who have a huge traffic along with great content.TribalFusion pays good but there condition are not easy to be fulfilled by an ordinary blogger.
  • High quality standard to accept publishers.
  • The best CPM network for good content.
  • Your traffic should be more than 500000 to qualify for TribalFusion.
  • Sites are reviewed manually.
  • They share 55% of revenue which is actually very high.
  • They payout on Net-45 basis.
  • Minimum payment is 50$.
  • You can customise ads.
 TribalFusion stats 

MadAdsMedia is also a good ad network but ir got some bad reputation in last years due to it's malicious ads/

Final words on CPM networks:

All of above mentioned networks are legit and pay but it also depends on location of your traffic.I would suggest you to give all of them a try.

As you can see that majority of networks not only accept Payoneer but also do not charge any transaction fee so it would be nice for you to join Payoneer  get 25$ for free.

You can also read complete step by step procedure of how to get Payoneer card quickly with 25$ free.
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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Quickly get free debit card in Pakistan with free 25$

Don't you want to shop online when special offers come?
Don't you think sub-continent also deserves an online shopping platform?
Don't you want to get paid for your work online?
Don't you want to start a website to grow your business or to share your ideas?
Yes,we want but unfortunately Paypal is not available in Pakistan except for some fake deals and there are no signs of Payapl coming in Pakistan in any near future.

So what should we do?

PayoneerFor every problem there is a way out.The world's second largest online payment company Payoneer is a great benefit for Asians.Also you can get it quickly in within few business days if you follow the instructions I show.

Get Payoneer Visa card:

First of all,let me tell you that Payoneer officially supports India and Pakistan and Payoneer is totally legal card accepted all over the world.You can use it with all web hosting sites and with almost all ad networks and freelancing sites.

  1. Apart from this,Payoneer is a lot better than Paypal in term of transaction fees and other charges.

The Payoneer MasterCard is supported in over 200 countries at every ATM in almost every country.
Being in Pakistan,I never faced any issue with Payoneer and everything goes exactly fine let it be buying domains,web hosting or other goods.
Payoneer MasterCard
Payoneer MasterCard
The best part is that you can get Payoneer even on the day you turn 18 and get an CNIC.You do not need to have a bank account or tax number or any other details.
To get Payoneer Mastercard you need to have:

  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • An email address
  • A mobile number (not a problem at all)
If you have all these and you know your village or city address where the card will be shipped then you are just 1 step behind getting 25$ for free with no cost at all.
Get 25$ free at Payoneer
What I can guarantee you for sure is this that there would be nothing like interest or debt nor would they take info of your income or agricultural land you own.It's purely simple.
So before further explaining let me show you step by step procedure have Payoneer card in your hand.

Get Payoneer ATM card Quickly activated online:

Payoneer Sign up
Payoneer Signup

  • Click 'Sign up and earn 25$' and a new tab will be opened.
Payoneer register
Payoneer card
  • Select 'Prepaid MasterCard Card' for ATM and click 'Sign Up'
  • On next page you will enter your name,E-mail and date of birth.
Payoneer form

  • Fill the form and press 'Next'.
  • They will then ask for contact details.Fill the required fields.
contact details
You can google your area's postal/zip code by entering name of your area + postal code.For example you will google 'Islamabad postal code' to know zip code of Islamabad.
How to find Postal code?
How to find Postal code?
Note:Don't forget to hover mouse over those question marks '?' to know additional information while filling the form.
Also don't let internet connection to get lost while creating account for then you will have to begin from start.

  • Then comes the most crucial and important stage.Your 'Security details'.Ah!don't worry.It's simple!just password and security question.
security details
Be very careful regarding your security question for it is the key if you get some problem with your account or if you contact Payoneer team they would ask the answer of your security question.
Tip:Try to give true answer for there will be no chance of forgetting it.

  • You are done.
Successful registration

  • Select 'National ID' from drop down menu and enter your CNIC number.
  • Enter your shipping address which will include your post office address so you may receive card.
  • Accept all the terms by checking the boxes and click 'order'.
This is all what you were supposed to do and rest is on Payonner.
Now I will will tell you the next scene.

They will E-mail you after a few days to verify your identity by uploading your CNIC card.Is that difficult?No,not at all.

How to upload CNIC on Payoneer?

  • The first and typical way is to scan and upload but I would tell you a cheaper way which you can use at home.
  • If you have a mobile phone with good camera then take image of CNIC and crop it and it will look like as if it is scanned.I did this on iPhone 4 and everything written on card is legible 
  • Simple upload front and back of CNIC on Payoneer on after you receive an E-mail to do so.
  • Your application will go 'Under review'.

Get approved on Payoneer quickly

You will notice that it is taking long to get approved if you will not follow the short cut given below.
The application remain under review because usually our CNIC is in other language than English so Payoneer takes time in reviewing it.Do the following to get approved in just a few days.
  • Call them at +1-646-658-3695
The call is absolutely free.There are tons of services offering free calls on United States numbers but I would suggest you 'Google talk'.Make sure you are login on your google can make Google account from your Hotmail,Yahoo or other Emails.
Google talk
Call Payoneer for free through Google talk

  • Press 'Phone call' icon and enter Payoneer contact number:
(You can find other Payoneer numbers also at Payoneer's site.)
  • Call them and tell them your email.Then tell them them like,'Sir,my application is still under review even after I have uploaded the requirement documents.Please have a look on my account and review it quickly'.Talk with them in detail and call them again after a day or sometime and tell them to approve your MasterCard
  • They will then send you the card on the shipping address after verification of CNIC and you will then 'activate your card' by entering your card number.
steps for Payoneer card
Easy steps for Payoneer card
  • Once you received your card you can activate it and use it on internet to buy websites,earn money,for shopping,for buying games and for a whole lot of things you don't even think of.
So what are you waiting for?Go now and grab your 25$

And now after applying for Payoneer credit card,let me tell you some other great functions of Payoneer.
  • You will need not to spend even a penny to get the card.
  • You can withdraw money to your bank account directly from Payoneer.

  • Global payment servive

This service of Payoneer lets you receive payment from companies all over the world.Payoneer provides you a First Century bank account.  
  • With Payoneer,you can also verify Paypal account.(The method is risky but you will have no need of Paypal as Payoneer works better than that.)
  • Payoneer support is always available for help.
  • Payoneer will deduct 3.15$ ATM no matter how much money you withdraw so I recommend you to always withdraw as much money as possible to take the most of Payoneer.In Pakistan,25000 rupees is threshold on ATM.
If you got any problem in getting Payoneer card,simply comment down or contact us.Enjoy online shopping with Payoneer.
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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

3 cool Blogger Dashboard functions you never used

I would come straight to point instead of introducing Blogger which is very well known to everyone as the best choice to make a free blog.
There are some wonderfully awesome things which we see regularly on our Blogger Dashboard but we keep them ignoring as crap so today I would teach you how to get maximum out of Blogger Dashboard.
Is there something wrong?
Changed blogger language
The function of changing language to your own regional language is a great tool to give you a better  understanding of Blogger and to be honest,I am myself using it for the first time.

How to Change Blogger Dashboard Language?

So this is something you must try to see some funny and traditional translation done by Google Blogger.

How to use Google plus or Blogger profile on your blog?

Click on the setting icon and select 'Edit user setting' from the drop down menu at your Blogger dashboard.A page will be opened like this:
Google plus instead of Blogger profile
Choose your user profile and it's done.In this way,other Google plus users can comment on your website with their G+ profiles.

How to Read all your favorite blog at one place?

Yes,It's blogger reading list where you can view feeds of all good blogs even if they are your competitors or your friends.Keeping an eye is must for a blogger.

Send Feedback to Blogger

That little send feedback button at right bottom corner which always appears on almost every page of Blogger but we never use it to have an exchange of words.
That is all what I can see at Blogger dashboard.If you got something new,kindly let me know in comments.
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Monday, 15 August 2016

Microsoft Surface pro 4 vs. Surface Book specifications

Microsoft Surface Book and Microsoft Surface pro are two different brands of Microsoft often confused by people due to similarity in name and features but let me tell you that there are plenty of differences between them.Anyway Microsoft made a good entry in this business of computers lately.
To make them distinguish,I would briefly introduce both and provide the features.So let's get started.

Microsoft Surface book

Surface Book is 2 in 1 PC.What?2 in 1 PC means a device which is combination of both a tablet and a PC.Doesn't it sound cool?Yes,it do!It has detachable keyboard.They were released in 2015 quite later than Surface Pro which were released in 2013.These Books are hybrid and have detachable keyboards.

Surface Book Specifications:

surface book
MS Surface book

  • It is regarded as a Laptop rather than a tablet.
  • It's a competitor of Microsoft Surface pro 4.
  • Portable Screen.
  • There are two batteries in it.
  • The overall battery life is rated to be 12 hours (pretty awesome).
  • The keyboard section has 8 hours battery life.
  • While the clipboard has a battery life of 4 hours.
  • Two USB 3.0 ports are available.
  • Screen resolution is 3000x2000.
  • Usually comes with Intel core i5 or i7 processor.
  • The highest price for core i7 process is 3200$ at the time of release.
  • weighs 3.34 pounds but depends upon features.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GPU can be used if one wised to.
  • It's touch.
  • it has special Surface pen.
  • It got Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • light sensor
  • Magnetometer
  • Extremely Quiet. 

Software of Surface Book:

  • They come with Windows 10 64-bit.
  • Great for video editing and OneNote.
  • MS Office works wonderfully.
  • Works smoothly,forget hanging.
  • Great choice for businessmen.
  • Auto Cad works faster.
  • Cortana is available.
  • iTunes and iClound work perfectly fine.
And amazingly it got warranty for one year.
But sadly it's not built for gamers so gaming will no go so cool.

Yet it will run many games especially multiplayer but very latest games might need special settings to get them work.
Learn more and Buy them at cheap rates and exclusive offers at:

  You can save 330$ if you Buy Surface Book now with 16 GB RAM,NVIDIA GeForce graphics,Intel Core i7 super fast processor and a 500 GB storage.

Get 8 GB RAM,128 GB SSD and powerful Intel Core i5 2.1 GHz processor Surface Book with savings of 162$ at the price of 1336$.

Microsoft surface pro 4

It's also a two in one PC but it can be regarded as tablet more than a laptop.If surface book is called a powerful laptop then Microsoft Surface pro would be called a powerful tablet though both are a mixture but which element dominates the other determines it to be like Tablet or a Laptop.
Microsoft Surface pro 4
Microsoft Surface pro 4

Microsoft Surface pro 4 Specification:

  • Comparatively inexpensive.
  • It has SSD options
  • Screen resolution is 2736x1824.
  • Comes with various storage options like 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1024 GB.
  • Comes with Intel core i5 and i7.


  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Mini Display port
  • Highest price is 2699$ with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage capacity.
  • Comes with Windows 10 64 bit with many Microsoft apps already installed.
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports.
  • Very light but also very powerful Tablet ever.
  • Portable and Mobile,can be taken almost anywhere.
surface 4 
  • Quiet with no noise..
  • 9 hours battery life.
  • 'A tablet which can easily replace your laptop'
Only 4 pieces of Microsoft Surface pro 4 are remaining.Save 200$ and shop it now before it's very late.It's web camera resolution is 8 MP.2.2 GHz Core M Family Processor with 9 hours of battery life.

Buy Microsoft Tablet:

This is the deal you should never miss if you love tablets.

Get this tablet for just 169$ with 64GB SSD with super speed,NVIDIA Tegra 4 Processor,10 hours battery life and HD touch screen.This is the cheapest price you would get for Microsoft Surface 2 so hurry up and check it out by yourself by clicking on the image.Earlier the price was about 200$ but through special offer,it's now at 169$.

Don't forget to comment and share.I would love to exchange comments.
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Saturday, 13 August 2016

2 ways to make your own professional website

The best way to begin developing a website to be independent from hosting problems.If you began with WordPress,then this would be the most suitable and secure approach because no one would have control over your site and content except you.
This my fifth year in website development and I had more than 10 millions visitors on one of my website in within two years.

The two ways you will learn are:

  • Site with paid web hosting
  • Site with free web hosting
The second method might look captive to you but it is not the best choice for making a professional website because of various limitations in free web hosting.
Why will you not follow my instruction thoroughly while they will help you in making a good website in within an hour.

Which Web hosting to choose?

A web host provides you space to store your website and it's all content.There are variety of offers provided by different web hosting companies depending upon your offer so choice of web host is most crucial step towards a successful life on internet.A bad web hosting will cause your site to go down occasionally.To avoid any such problem,my personal recommendation is to use Bluehost.
There is a special offer provided by Bluehost in which they take just 3.45$/month with money back guarantee for first month.But I bet that you would never opt-out if you chose Bluehost once.They also also offer free domain registration and also free website builders and the best thing,they got 24/7 support to help you.This is what I like the most in them and this is what makes them better than others.

Following features put Bluehost on the top:

Bluehost is the most popular Web host with hosting more than 20 million sites.The number of sites alone beat my total number of site visitors.
Bluehost has alexa rank of 1263 which is way too high for a web hosting site.
They offer 1-click WordPress install.
Unlimited disk storage.
Unlimited domain hosting.
Unlimited sub-domains.
Their servers never go offline so you can do anything with no worry of your website.
They offer Vps hosting,shared hosting,WordPress hosting,domains and a lot of other stuff which you can find at their site but one thing which is sure is that Bluehost got the best facilities in comparison with others at cheapest rates.

Setting up a site with Bluehost:

Follow these simple steps to setup a website.

  • Open Bluehost and click on 'get started'.
  • Choose a plan according to your requirement.I recommend the plus plan.

  • After selecting you would be required to choose a free domain name or you can also link a domain you already own.

Choosing the right domain name is really important for SEO of your website.Take your time to think of a unique but well-targeted domain name.

  • After choosing domain name,enter your account information asked on next page.

  • Then you have to enter your web hosting plan information.

  • Then simply fill out payment information.
  • Then read out terms of Bluehost and submit the form.
Then you would be brought to your Paypal account to confirm you purchase.This is really a simple process which could be sone in a few minutes.
  • After making a Bluehost account successfully,all you have to do is to go on hosting tab on your Bluehost dashboard.There you would see 'WordPress' button under 'Website Builders' heading.
  • Click on 'WordPress' button and a new tab will be opened,There you will have to simply click 'start' button for a new WordPress install.
  • On the next page,you will be asked the domain you want to attach with 'WordPress' and you would be done.
This is the end of setting up WordPress.You can choose themes and plugins later as per your requirements.

Alternative web hostings:

If you don't like Bluehost then they will give you your money back if you opt-out in your first month with no deduction of balance.
There are other web hosting sites which are also smarter and cheap which you should be aware of and have an eye on them.These include:

Hostgator:The simplest solution to website development

Hostgator is the most popular name is web hosting services and why it should not be!Have you not checked their offers?They provide:

  • 4500 free Website templates (Isn't it amazing?)
  • Easy to use control panel (You can also check control panel demo of Hostgator).
  • 45 days money back guarantee (The highest ever provided by a top level web host)
  • 100% up-time guarantee
  • Hostgator has alexa rank of 1116 which makes it the best site host.
  • Thousands of websites are created each day on Hostgator
Sign up with the above give affiliate coupon to get 20% off. 


Web Hosting

Site ground is safer,faster and have quick support.They are also much cheaper in market.They are in close competition with Bluehost with alexa rank of 3,493 which is very high.
Join Site  ground and start with 3.9$/month of web hosting.This plan is highly recommended for beginners.


Yet another great optimized web host.They will really provide you an optimized and enhanced web hosting with low price in market.They also offer 30 day money back guarantee if you join Greengeeks now.
They offer free E-mail,free domain and free marketing.They have no hidden charges.

DiscountASP and Everleap:

Both services are wonderful and they have some amazing offers currently running now.Everleap is Simple, Reliable, Affordable and Awesome
Everleap Hosting 30 Day Free Trial
ASP is award winning web host with best offers.
ASP.NET Hosting - 3 Months Free

Final words on creating a website:

From my experience,I would recommend you to choose a paid web hosting if you want a professional and top level site.All above mentioned hosts are best so check offers of all and go with the one which you like the most.Ask any question in comments,I would be happy to help you.Choose one of following hosting:

To gain something,one needs to spend first.So to build a professional site you have to begin with one of above web hosting sites by spending a little money and then all you have to do is to work and earn.And if you get bored by a web host,simply take advantage of 30 day money back guarantee term.

Free Web hosting providers:

There are not just 1 or 2 but plenty of companies which give free hosting with limitations.The best of best is Blogger by Google.It's the most popular and the best free web hosting.The issues you can face on Blogger are:
  • Blog removal on DMCA.
  • Google can remove your blog at any time on complain.
  • You can not upload files.
  • You can not customize permalink completely.
  • Only 10 pages but unlimited posts.
  • It would be .blogspot subdomain but you can attach a custom doamin.
  • Plugins are very limited.
  • Control panel restrictions.

The good features of Blogger include:

  • It's powered by Google.
  • It's free and safe.
  • It's always up so your site will never go down.
  • It's good for those who love to share their activities.
  • You can use adsense with a bit ease.

In short,Blogger is quite simple and good for people who don't have much interest in getting a great rank.While,WordPress is a mixture of simplicity and complexity but you would definitely get a higher rank.
There are also many other free web hosting sites but most of them are backed with ads so you mostly end up earning nothing and also your visitors had to face annoying ads.
You may also like to have a Payoneer debit card to get register for these web hosting if you don't have Paypal.
Get 25$ free with Payoneer now
Feel free to comment if you have any query or suggestion.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How to permanently delete Facebook account?

There are many people who want to get rid of Facebook but they are not able to delete Facebook account permanently rather they deactivate it and consider that they have deleted it but after sometime they come again.

I am going to share you the easiest and best way to delete Facebook ID permanently (not temporarily).
(You can also watch the video given below or simply follow my steps provided under the video.)

Removing Facebook permanently

Follow through these easy steps.

  • Make sure that you are login to your Facebook account.
  • Follow this link 

  • You will see a screen like so:
Deleting Fb account
Deleting Fb account
  • Then click on 'Delete My Account' button in blue.
  • On a pop up window,you need to enter your password and captcha to confirm deletion.
Confirm Fb deletion
Confirm deletion

  • Press 'Ok'.
  • A window will pop out informing that your account has been currently deactivated and will be deleted in 14 days.
  • You are done,just wait for 14 days and your account is deleted.
Facebook deleted
Facebook deleted
As I deleted my facebook account just to show you so I will now cancel deletion.

How to cancel Fb deletion:

To stop Facebook account from getting deleted,you need to login to your facebook account again
  • Login to Fb
  • A screen will pop out asking 'cancel deletion'.
Cancel Fb deletion
Cancel deletion
  • Press 'cancel deletion'.
  • Now you are done.Facebook is now reactivated.
Share this guide with your friends if you liked it.
Don't forget to make comments to encourage me.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

iTunes U:an app for every student

Best Learning app

One of the best work done by Apple is its collection of great educational resources from all over the world to one place and that place is ITunes U.If you are a student and you use Apple products without having iTunes U then you are in loss.The time you will get iTunes U,you will come to know how previous content it has.

There are many benefit you can get through iTunes U.some of them are mentioned below:

Benefits of iTunes U

Get lectures of top universities

iTunes U lets you to watch video lectures delivered by intelligent scholars at all the best universities of the world.

See assignments

It lets you watch assignments and notes given by professors at particular universities.
iTunes U provides a complete collection of a particular course.The collection includes video lectures,quizzes,notes,assignments and Syllabus information.

create your own course

Moreover,If you're studying in an institute then your institute can also create a course page to give you notes on your Apple devices.

find textbooks

You can also get textbooks at your smartphone.iTunes U totally changes perspective of studies.

Enjoy using apple with iTunes U.

My personal experience:

I have been watching lectures delivered at MIT university on the topic of physics from start of my college life and they really helped me a lot so I wanted to share this so that you may become successful and happy too.
Keep browsing :)

Get iTunes U app:

Download for iOS
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