Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Badland vs. Leo's fortune

Leo's Fortune

This game is way better than badland because of its beautiful colours and its  resemblance with nature.

The game also features a time race in which one has to cover maximum distance in one minute.

The Game has been nominated for award for its beautiful visual effects.


It's a popular game because of its unique gameplay and outstanding graphics but for me it's no more excellent than Leo's fortune.
The game feautures many different characters.
The game also allows two player race on a single screen.First one to die in race was the loser.

Leo's fortune vs badlands (2)

Both the games don't let player to get bored because of their Easy gameplay.
I've played both of them,so I consider Leo's fortune to be better but badlands 2 has also been released which may compete well!

These games are great with their musica turned off!

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