Friday, 27 May 2016

Best ways to do blogging on mobile

People ask "how to do blogging on smartphones?".The simple answer is this that they should not go for posting through web browsers rather they should use blogging apps.
Blogger has an app on smartphones named "Blogger" through which one can post from mobile easily.
Following are the best ways of blogging from a smartphone.

1) Blogger app

Blogger app
Blogger app on iPhone

This app is available on android and iPhone can check a review about it on blogging on mobile
Get it from here for free

2) Wordpress app

Wordpress also has an app for android and iPhone mobile yet it also (like Blogger app) lacks many functions.One can't make headings and links etc. in these apps.
Wordpress app
Wordpress app

Wordpress app post

These are two best ways which you can utilize on smartphones.

Other methods include:

3) blogging by Email

You can post on blogger or Wordpress by turning on this function.In this way,you will get a secret email address where you will email to get your email published.

4) YouTube blogging

You can also upload videos on YouTube through YouTube app or from Photos Gallery in iPhone so to make a vlog.
YouTube blogging
YouTube Vlog
You can also upload video on Vimeo also  
Through Photos section in iPhone.
The methods recommended are only first two that are through blogger and Wordpress app. 
Hope so that you liked this review.
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