Wednesday, 3 August 2016

iTunes U:an app for every student

Best Learning app

One of the best work done by Apple is its collection of great educational resources from all over the world to one place and that place is ITunes U.If you are a student and you use Apple products without having iTunes U then you are in loss.The time you will get iTunes U,you will come to know how previous content it has.

There are many benefit you can get through iTunes U.some of them are mentioned below:

Benefits of iTunes U

Get lectures of top universities

iTunes U lets you to watch video lectures delivered by intelligent scholars at all the best universities of the world.

See assignments

It lets you watch assignments and notes given by professors at particular universities.
iTunes U provides a complete collection of a particular course.The collection includes video lectures,quizzes,notes,assignments and Syllabus information.

create your own course

Moreover,If you're studying in an institute then your institute can also create a course page to give you notes on your Apple devices.

find textbooks

You can also get textbooks at your smartphone.iTunes U totally changes perspective of studies.

Enjoy using apple with iTunes U.

My personal experience:

I have been watching lectures delivered at MIT university on the topic of physics from start of my college life and they really helped me a lot so I wanted to share this so that you may become successful and happy too.
Keep browsing :)

Get iTunes U app:

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