Monday, 30 May 2016

How to Post quickly on Blogger?

Many people are distracted by Blogger as they have to waste a little time in opening Blogger dashboard and then clicking new post.There are people who are busy in their daily routine and can hardly take out a few minutes to blog but get disappointed by the difficulties they had to face.
I,myself,use notes in my mobile to keep the ideas saved as blogger does not load so quickly on my PC.I am going to show you three different methods for posting quickly on your blogger site or blog.
The first two methods got the same name and are almost the same.

Blog This

The best way to post quickly on blogger is to use a quick posting URL of blogger/It's provided by blogger itself.The link is:
I will also show you a complete demonstration of fastly posting on your blog.

Blog This
Blog This

  • From the top right corner of the page,you can select the blog for which you want to post in case you have multiple blogs.
choose blog
choose blog

  • After choosing blog,everything else is simple and easier if you are a regular blogger otherwise I have written about blogging on my site.


You might question that how come the 'download and password' thing in the post box.
Post Signature
Signature in Blogger

Well,I did not write it rather it is part of post signature which you can choose from Blogger's settings.Signature are fixed lines that are automatically written at the bottom of each post without your effort.

Blog This extension

I will say that this extension is nothing but making a bookmark of the link I gave you above.The extension is mere deception and is just a bookmark and shortcut of same link.This is not a nice act by Google.By the way,Google's Blogger kept blog this link in secret and is not very clearly disclosed on any of Blogger's page rather they provided an extension for chrome.
Blog This extension
Blogger chrome extension

The sad thing is that Blogger did not update it.Well,what can they do to improve it?I recommend you strongly to use Blog This link rather than this extension as it will slow down your PC and browser by running itself in background and consuming RAM.

Blogger app

You will be a lot limited at the blogger application for mobile.This app will let you make a post by attaching images with text and will also let you to format the text a little bit but it will not allow you to add links and make headings which has become necessity of blogging.
Mobile blogger
Mobile blogging

I have written a full article on how can one blog from one's mobile.I will recommend this way only for saving things in draft as making content easier for reader to digest is one of necessary conditions of good SEO.

Notes making

What I do is to make notes on my mobile if I have it with me or else I carry a diary with me to write down ideas to prevent myself from forgetting.If you know ideas which are better than I shall appreciate them if you share them with me.Kindly comment to share your view on this review.

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