Thursday, 9 June 2016

Top social media apps on mobile

This is a age in which the world seems to be more talkative on social networks than in their time in the society.The world is so busy in their works that they find no time to talk each other so after reaching home,they start using the social networks to keep themselves connected with society and to share what they feel.

No doubt,human loves to be social as it is in his nature  and anything which goes against nature can never be make it easier for people to access social network,there had been made a lot of applications on mobile and pc platform.I will try to figure out the best avaiable software Android and Iphone mobiles on Play store and app store respectively.
So here goes the ranking of wonderful social apps:


Twitter Logo

I like twitter app most than any other because it is just simple to use and does not have way many flaws.The rating given by users to the app is not appreciable but to be honest,the app deserves way more praise than people gave it.The functions I liked in the app are:
Twitter icon

  • Quick tweeting upto 140 letters
  • Your tweet never fails to be sent so that you may not lose your 140 words rather it stays pending and it is sent for sure.
  • Easy customization of your profile.
Twitter iPhone
Twitter on iPhone

  • upload images with tweets
  • You can upload multiple images in a single tweet in case you need to provide more images.
Twitter android
Twitter on Android



Whatsapp is a wonderful  social software if you have less time in your life and want your communication with people to be more effective.Whatsapp provides you an account based on your mobile numbers.Well,There are apps which provide free mobile numbers which you can use to make a Whatsapp account as I do.The plus points of Whatsapp over other social networks are following:
Whatsapp logo
Whatsapp logo

  • Quick direct communication
  • No stray friend request or spamming
  • Only those People who know your number can find you.
  • You can send voice messages.
  • You can call your friends anytime if their Whatsapp software is opened.
  • There can be created a group with upto 256 members.
  • You can upload images and videos during conversation.
  • The function I like is that of search by which you can find any of required message from thousands of messages.
  • Whatsapp allows you to see that when the message is delivered to the next user and when he reads it. 
Whatsapp messages

  • The messages  in Whatsapp are end to end encrypted so they offer so much high privacy that neither Whatsapp itself nor anyone else except the reader can read message.



Line is yet another popular social networking app,famously known for it's good voice calls.The lite version of Line was released for under developing countries so that the their users call with as low data consumption as possible.
Line logo
Line logo

One of prominent function that I like in Line is this that you don't have to give them your mobile number rather you can connect your facebook profile directly to login so setting up line is the easiest work.
Line also offers beautiful stickers to keep an enjoyment in texting.
Line stickers
Line stickers in messaging



Messenger is Facebook app which provides the messaging section only.The app is wonderful and simple.The following function makes the app uncompetable:
Messenger logo
Messenger logo

1)It lets you to call and message people available on Facebook
2)It allows you to make even video calls.
3)Groups can be made for discussions.
4)There is a simple block button which allows you to not to receive message from a certain person by blocking other person from sending you messages without removing him from your friends list.
5)A wonderful new function enables a user to use messenger even when you have deactivated your Facebook account so your profile will not appear on Facebook but you'll be able to send messages to your friends and others on Fb.
6)There are wonderful smileys,stickers and gifs to make your message look even more important,
Messenger stickers
7)Whatsapp and Messenger both are owned by Facebook so their competition does not matter as their owner is one and the same.
Whatsapp and Messenger
Whatsapp Vs.Messenger



Facebook or Fb Lite is an application on Android and iOS mobiles which lets you to operate completely the fb which you browse through your mobile browser.The app is not as extraordinary as is the facebook Messenger app but yet good.
facebook app
facebook app on iPhone

It can be thought as the mobile version of facebook embedded in an mobile application.The advantage it offers is this that you need not to enter the web adress of fb or login into your account everytime rather you can access your fb wall and messenger with the single touch of facebook app from your mobile's home screen.

  • Facebook has also released its Facebook lite version on Android to facilitate the slow speed users in under developed countries.
Facebook lite
Facebook lite

Facebook lite
Facebook lite


Other social networking apps

There are many other social media apps from which I shall write about Skype and Instagram if God wills.Tango,Viber,Wechat,snapchat,imo,Linkedin,Kik,BBM,Google + etc. are also there but they are not as popular in everyone as Facebook,Whatsapp and twitter are.

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