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5 Best CPM ad networks with High rates

With the time,CTR of ads is quickly going down.Primarily due to awareness in people regarding ads.An typical blogger with decent website is achieving CTR of 1-3% which means very low earning.There is no doubt that Adsense and are kings but yet low CTR does not let webmasters to get good ROI (return of investment).
The solution to this is CPM ad networks which pay for every visit and every impression.

CPM ads for publishers

CPM stands for cost per thousand impression.I actually considered it CPM to mean cost per million but it's wrong.
CPMA 2$ CPM means that advertising company will pay you 2$ for every 1000 impression so if you have a million impression then you will get 2000$ which is a huge amount.
CPM ad networks usually have following ad types:

CPM banner ads:

Who is unfamiliar with banner ads.The ads of washing powders,shampoos or fizzy drinks for their banner impression because they don't need a online purchase or click.This is very same as what happens in TV commercials.

Other types of CPM ads:

  • Pop up
  • Pop under
The above two ad types are most popular.
  • In text ads (like Infolinks,ads which appear as link on text in our posts.When user will hover on links,related ad will be displayed in a small box

High paying CPM networks:

The list is based upon ease of approval,number of users and positive experience.


Majority knows it but certainly it's the best ad network to be used with Adsense or Bing ads.
The best features of Infolinks are:
  • CPM is really high for USA and European traffic.
  • Minimum threshold is 50$.
  • Payment is made through PayPal,Payoneer, ACH and eCheck.
  • They accept Payoneer card with no transfer fee.If Infolinks sends 50$ then you will get exact 50$ with no deduction at all.
  • Payments are given after 45 days of the month you reached minimum threshold.
  • Works best with Adsense.
  • You can put payment on hold also.
  • CPM for Indian and Pakistani traffic is better than any other network.(Though not outstanding).
  • You can earn 10% commission for referring friends.
  • Easy to get approved.
Infolinks have following ad types:
  • in text
  • in screen
  • in fold
  • in tag
  • in article (ads between two articles)
  • in frame
(Soon,I will try to write a complete review on Infolinks with explanation of ad types and their benefits and harms.)
My earning with subcontinent traffic.
Infolinks earning
Infolinks earning with Asian traffic
The eCPM is still not bad but if you have US or European traffic then Infolinks will be among top revenue generators for your website.


Surely,Revenuehits pays more than infolinks but they show popups and pop-unders.If you want your site to look clean,then Infolinks should be your choice but if you want money then go for Revenuehits.They have:
  • Awesome rates for US traffic.
  • 100% fill rates all over the world.(Ads will never be vacant).
  • Israeli based company came into existence in 2008.
  • 5% referral commission program.
  • Payments are made on NET-30 basis.
  • Supports Payapal,Payoneer and wire transfer.
  • Revenuehits pays all payment charges same as Infolinks

Join Revenuehits now


Edomz is a CPM network started in 2005.It pays and is legit.
  • Minimum payout is 10$.
  • Website is approved manually but it's not very difficult step.
  • Payments are made through Paypal.
  • Payments are given on NET-45 basis.
  • Along with CPM,Edomz also offer pop-under but you need to create a separate account for that.
  • Pop-up payment is NET-15.
  • Edomz offer 10% referral commission for CPM network.


PropellerAds is also a good competing ad network with 100$ as minimum payment.
What I have analysed is that huge traffic sites use these ads.You will often see these ads with free movies or games sites and they achieve 100$ mark easily.
PropellerAds offers

  • They provide overall 650 million ad impressions daily with over 100k websites in their network.
  • They offer Mobile and Web ads.
  • They also support in-stream ads for videos monetization.
  • They also support Payoneer along with Paypal.
  • They also have 100% fill rate globally.
  • Ads are safe.

  • They are legit.
  • 100$ is minimum payout.
  • 5% referral commission.
  • They share 80% revenue which is highest in market.
propellerADs stats 


This network is for those who have a huge traffic along with great content.TribalFusion pays good but there condition are not easy to be fulfilled by an ordinary blogger.
  • High quality standard to accept publishers.
  • The best CPM network for good content.
  • Your traffic should be more than 500000 to qualify for TribalFusion.
  • Sites are reviewed manually.
  • They share 55% of revenue which is actually very high.
  • They payout on Net-45 basis.
  • Minimum payment is 50$.
  • You can customise ads.
 TribalFusion stats 

MadAdsMedia is also a good ad network but ir got some bad reputation in last years due to it's malicious ads/

Final words on CPM networks:

All of above mentioned networks are legit and pay but it also depends on location of your traffic.I would suggest you to give all of them a try.

As you can see that majority of networks not only accept Payoneer but also do not charge any transaction fee so it would be nice for you to join Payoneer  get 25$ for free.

You can also read complete step by step procedure of how to get Payoneer card quickly with 25$ free.

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