Wednesday, 17 August 2016

3 cool Blogger Dashboard functions you never used

I would come straight to point instead of introducing Blogger which is very well known to everyone as the best choice to make a free blog.
There are some wonderfully awesome things which we see regularly on our Blogger Dashboard but we keep them ignoring as crap so today I would teach you how to get maximum out of Blogger Dashboard.
Is there something wrong?
Changed blogger language
The function of changing language to your own regional language is a great tool to give you a better  understanding of Blogger and to be honest,I am myself using it for the first time.

How to Change Blogger Dashboard Language?

So this is something you must try to see some funny and traditional translation done by Google Blogger.

How to use Google plus or Blogger profile on your blog?

Click on the setting icon and select 'Edit user setting' from the drop down menu at your Blogger dashboard.A page will be opened like this:
Google plus instead of Blogger profile
Choose your user profile and it's done.In this way,other Google plus users can comment on your website with their G+ profiles.

How to Read all your favorite blog at one place?

Yes,It's blogger reading list where you can view feeds of all good blogs even if they are your competitors or your friends.Keeping an eye is must for a blogger.

Send Feedback to Blogger

That little send feedback button at right bottom corner which always appears on almost every page of Blogger but we never use it to have an exchange of words.
That is all what I can see at Blogger dashboard.If you got something new,kindly let me know in comments.

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