Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Quickly get free debit card in Pakistan with free 25$

Don't you want to shop online when special offers come?
Don't you think sub-continent also deserves an online shopping platform?
Don't you want to get paid for your work online?
Don't you want to start a website to grow your business or to share your ideas?
Yes,we want but unfortunately Paypal is not available in Pakistan except for some fake deals and there are no signs of Payapl coming in Pakistan in any near future.

So what should we do?

PayoneerFor every problem there is a way out.The world's second largest online payment company Payoneer is a great benefit for Asians.Also you can get it quickly in within few business days if you follow the instructions I show.

Get Payoneer Visa card:

First of all,let me tell you that Payoneer officially supports India and Pakistan and Payoneer is totally legal card accepted all over the world.You can use it with all web hosting sites and with almost all ad networks and freelancing sites.

  1. Apart from this,Payoneer is a lot better than Paypal in term of transaction fees and other charges.

The Payoneer MasterCard is supported in over 200 countries at every ATM in almost every country.
Being in Pakistan,I never faced any issue with Payoneer and everything goes exactly fine let it be buying domains,web hosting or other goods.
Payoneer MasterCard
Payoneer MasterCard
The best part is that you can get Payoneer even on the day you turn 18 and get an CNIC.You do not need to have a bank account or tax number or any other details.
To get Payoneer Mastercard you need to have:

  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • An email address
  • A mobile number (not a problem at all)
If you have all these and you know your village or city address where the card will be shipped then you are just 1 step behind getting 25$ for free with no cost at all.
Get 25$ free at Payoneer
What I can guarantee you for sure is this that there would be nothing like interest or debt nor would they take info of your income or agricultural land you own.It's purely simple.
So before further explaining let me show you step by step procedure have Payoneer card in your hand.

Get Payoneer ATM card Quickly activated online:

Payoneer Sign up
Payoneer Signup

  • Click 'Sign up and earn 25$' and a new tab will be opened.
Payoneer register
Payoneer card
  • Select 'Prepaid MasterCard Card' for ATM and click 'Sign Up'
  • On next page you will enter your name,E-mail and date of birth.
Payoneer form

  • Fill the form and press 'Next'.
  • They will then ask for contact details.Fill the required fields.
contact details
You can google your area's postal/zip code by entering name of your area + postal code.For example you will google 'Islamabad postal code' to know zip code of Islamabad.
How to find Postal code?
How to find Postal code?
Note:Don't forget to hover mouse over those question marks '?' to know additional information while filling the form.
Also don't let internet connection to get lost while creating account for then you will have to begin from start.

  • Then comes the most crucial and important stage.Your 'Security details'.Ah!don't worry.It's simple!just password and security question.
security details
Be very careful regarding your security question for it is the key if you get some problem with your account or if you contact Payoneer team they would ask the answer of your security question.
Tip:Try to give true answer for there will be no chance of forgetting it.

  • You are done.
Successful registration

  • Select 'National ID' from drop down menu and enter your CNIC number.
  • Enter your shipping address which will include your post office address so you may receive card.
  • Accept all the terms by checking the boxes and click 'order'.
This is all what you were supposed to do and rest is on Payonner.
Now I will will tell you the next scene.

They will E-mail you after a few days to verify your identity by uploading your CNIC card.Is that difficult?No,not at all.

How to upload CNIC on Payoneer?

  • The first and typical way is to scan and upload but I would tell you a cheaper way which you can use at home.
  • If you have a mobile phone with good camera then take image of CNIC and crop it and it will look like as if it is scanned.I did this on iPhone 4 and everything written on card is legible 
  • Simple upload front and back of CNIC on Payoneer on after you receive an E-mail to do so.
  • Your application will go 'Under review'.

Get approved on Payoneer quickly

You will notice that it is taking long to get approved if you will not follow the short cut given below.
The application remain under review because usually our CNIC is in other language than English so Payoneer takes time in reviewing it.Do the following to get approved in just a few days.
  • Call them at +1-646-658-3695
The call is absolutely free.There are tons of services offering free calls on United States numbers but I would suggest you 'Google talk'.Make sure you are login on your google account.you can make Google account from your Hotmail,Yahoo or other Emails.
Google talk
Call Payoneer for free through Google talk

  • Press 'Phone call' icon and enter Payoneer contact number:
(You can find other Payoneer numbers also at Payoneer's site.)
  • Call them and tell them your email.Then tell them them like,'Sir,my application is still under review even after I have uploaded the requirement documents.Please have a look on my account and review it quickly'.Talk with them in detail and call them again after a day or sometime and tell them to approve your MasterCard
  • They will then send you the card on the shipping address after verification of CNIC and you will then 'activate your card' by entering your card number.
steps for Payoneer card
Easy steps for Payoneer card
  • Once you received your card you can activate it and use it on internet to buy websites,earn money,for shopping,for buying games and for a whole lot of things you don't even think of.
So what are you waiting for?Go now and grab your 25$

And now after applying for Payoneer credit card,let me tell you some other great functions of Payoneer.
  • You will need not to spend even a penny to get the card.
  • You can withdraw money to your bank account directly from Payoneer.

  • Global payment servive

This service of Payoneer lets you receive payment from companies all over the world.Payoneer provides you a First Century bank account.  
  • With Payoneer,you can also verify Paypal account.(The method is risky but you will have no need of Paypal as Payoneer works better than that.)
  • Payoneer support is always available for help.
  • Payoneer will deduct 3.15$ ATM no matter how much money you withdraw so I recommend you to always withdraw as much money as possible to take the most of Payoneer.In Pakistan,25000 rupees is threshold on ATM.
If you got any problem in getting Payoneer card,simply comment down or contact us.Enjoy online shopping with Payoneer.


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