Monday, 1 August 2016

How to use Facebook page like plugin on blogger

This would be the easiest way you would ever find to use Facebook plugin on your blog.I will mention just a few really simple and easy ways to help you in setting up a Facebook page plugin on any site you want.
The video will demonstrate the complete method of placing a Facebook page on a blog.

Following are simple steps to do:
step 1:
Open the Facebook's official plugin generator page
Facebook page plugin
Facebook page on Blogger

step 2:
Type in your Facebook page link,and select suitable settings.A preview of plugin will be generated in a box.Click on get code and pop up window will appear.
Fb Plugin generation
Fb Plugin

step 3:
Click on 'IFrame' and copy the code provided in it.
Facebook plugin IFrame
Facebook IFrame
step 4:
Go to Blogger->Layout and then click 'add a gadget' wherever you want.Then select 'HTML/Javascript'.Paste the IFrame code provided by Facebook and then press 'save'.

Blogger Fb
Adding Facebook code in Blogger

It's done.
Simply open your blog address and you will be able to see a plugin there.
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